Unleashing Potential with Arc: Your Full-Service Financial Command Center for Startups

June 29, 2023

Introducing a Startup Gamechanger

The world of startups is buzzing with a new and dynamic addition to the financial tech sphere – Arc. Designed to provide software-driven banking and growth capital, Arc is poised to revolutionize how startups manage and access their finance needs. Launching on ProductHunt, Arc’s founding principle is to support the startup ecosystem in the wake of a turbulent economic landscape.

Arc’s mission is straightforward but ambitious—to help startups grow by offering a one-stop-shop for all things startup finance, from banking to funding and spending. The platform emphasizes the trust and safety of its users by partnering with trusted financial institutions while building enduring products that provide consistent value to startups in good and bad times.

Key Features of Arc: Command Your Startup Finance

Arc is not just another banking service; it is a full-service finance platform and a command center for startups. Its software-driven approach offers several features designed to simplify banking and capital access for startups.

Swift Account Opening

With Arc, the days of lengthy business account setup are over. The platform allows startups to open a business account in less than 10 minutes, thereby saving valuable time.

Fee-Free Financial Management

Navigating the financial needs of a startup can be overwhelming. Arc enables startups to manage their everyday banking and finance needs without fees, thereby promoting operational efficiency.

Maximizing Returns

Idle cash doesn’t need to stay idle. With Arc, startups can generate market-leading yield on their cash reserves, thus maximizing returns and fueling growth.

Safeguarding Deposits

Startups can rest assured about their funds’ safety with Arc. The platform automatically diversifies deposits across dozens of FDIC-insured banks, thereby ensuring complete safety and security.

Fast and Non-Dilutive Capital Access

One of the biggest challenges startups face is securing funds. Arc allows startups to quickly access non-dilutive capital in-app at competitive terms, fostering growth without giving up equity.

From the Desk of Arc’s Maker

Arc’s founder, Don Muir, expressed excitement about introducing Arc to the Product Hunt community. The team behind Arc—cheekily referred to as Arc-itects—has worked diligently towards this launch. But they believe they have a long way to go. In this context, they eagerly invite feedback on their product, a testament to their commitment to improving the platform and serving their customers better.

Exciting Promotions and Partnerships

In celebration of Arc’s launch, they are offering a one-time Product Hunt promotion of a $2.5K cash bonus for deposits greater than $250K made into the Primary account by the end of July. This move underpins Arc’s commitment to support startups and offers an enticing bonus to new users of the platform. Furthermore, Arc’s collaboration with trusted financial institutions like Evolve Bank & Trust and BNY Mellon Pershing ensures robust and reliable financial services for startups.

In Conclusion: A New Era of Startup Financing

Arc is redefining the startup financing landscape. With its software-driven banking platform, it provides a reliable, efficient, and secure solution for startups to manage their financial needs. In a time when access to capital and financial security is more crucial than ever, Arc’s services stand out as a beacon of growth and potential. Startups can now focus on their core businesses while Arc takes care of their financial needs.

Let’s welcome Arc – an ally in navigating the tumultuous seas of startup financing and banking. Discover Arc today and chart your startup’s course towards success.

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