Best Product Label Printer for Small Business

Labelling products with ease

Being able to label your products with beautiful and professional product labels can bring your product sales up a notch. Printing your own labels can make sure that you save money on your product preparation process and you can easily change or add to your label designs when you make them in-house. On a side note, if you’re looking to grow your business, check out some helpful reviews at Business Fair Field.

Label printers can help you to create custom size labels as well as unique designs and more. You will be so glad that you invested in this quality item once you realize how easy it can be to create beautiful product labeling on your own time. Saving money on ordering from a company that designs and creates these items can be a big help toward keeping your product costs down.

If you are ready to learn more about the best label printers that you can buy for your small business, read on!

Product Comparison Table: Best Product Label Printer for Small Business

Rating (Amazon)
Best in class
4.0 stars
Best value product
4.0 stars
Best multifunction product
4.5 stars
Best Color label printer
4.0 stars
Best for wireless and portable units
4.5 stars
Best for small stickers

Best Product Label Printer for Small Business

These product label printers will take care of all of your packaging and labeling needs to create beautiful and unique labels that will make your business stand out. You can create custom sizes as well as unique designs with ease.

Phomemo M110 Label Maker

Product summary: This mini unit is wireless and offers up the option to make lots of really nice labels, including labels with barcodes on them. You can create product labels, pricing labels, and more with this nice little machine and take it with you when you go to trade shows and more. Inkless and fast-printing, this is a really great machine for your product labeling needs.


  • Inkless and fast printing
  • Wireless and Bluetooth capable
  • Prints quality designs and barcodes


  • WiFi does not automatically connect
  • Small label size
  • App can be hard to navigate


This is a really nice machine if you are going to be making smaller labels and you want to have a hand-held device that can travel with you. You will enjoy quality printing and be able to create barcodes and more with this tool.

DYMO Label Printer

Product summary: This is a great all-around unit that can handle barcodes, shipping labels, custom product label designs, and more. Works well with fonts and designs from Word, Google, and more and you can create unique label designs with ease. This printer comes with its own software as well for your custom label needs.


  • Multi-function printing
  • Works with many softwares easily
  • Does not require sheet labels


  • Can jam sometimes
  • Does not print in color


This is a nice basic label printer that can handle a lot of different types of jobs really easily. You will have no trouble getting this printer setup and running for your business needs and you will appreciate being able to take care of so many kinds of label printing needs with one machine.

Brother VC-500W Label Printer

Product summary: This is a really nice machine that offers beautiful design printing choices as well as color printing. The unit is small and it can even print photos. You can make all kinds of intricate and personalized labels with this little machine and you will love the high-quality results that you will get for your efforts.


  • Prints in color
  • Handles complex designs well
  • Small in size
  • Included app for creation


  • Tech support could be better
  • Wireless connection can be touchy


This is a really nice unit that offers the chance to create gorgeous and personalized labels for all kinds of needs with ease. You will love how simple it is to set this machine up and you will be impressed with the quality of your printing results.

Phomemo M200 Label Maker

Product summary: This small machine is really easy to transport and it will create unique and beautiful designs for your needs with ease. Even small and colorful designs are supported with this handheld label maker and it connects through WiFi with ease. You will love the ability to create unique designs even on the go.


  • Handheld unit
  • Speedy printing
  • Supports complex designs and color printing
  • Easy to use


  • Some fonts can come out blurry
  • Cannot print large labels


This is a really nice small unit that can be used for printing complex as well as color labels. You will love the handheld design as well as the ease of use for this unit and the WiFi connection is easy to establish. Lots of fonts and designs are supported with this unit as well, making this a versatile product for your small business needs.

Memoking Label Maker Sticker Machine

Product summary: This easy-to-use, WiFi-friendly unit is handheld and offers you the chance to make small stickers with ease. Create pretty price labels or even add information to your products about function or warning labels if needed. Despite the small size of the labels that this machine makes, you can add graphics and more to your designs. This is a great label printer for trade shows or for people who sell small items that need the perfect small-size product labels.


  • Quality designs
  • Inkless printing
  • Great value unit
  • Small size


  • App can be hard to learn to use
  • Can’t use glittery papers


This is a really nice machine that offers you the chance to make high-quality small labels for all kinds of needs. The price point is great and you will find that there are not many small product label makers that offer this level of quality printing. Inkless printing and handheld design make this a great small unit.

Creating Quality Labels For Your Business Matters

Being able to create quality labels is very helpful for all your small business needs. You will be able to make sure that your products are labeled with the proper information or you can make quality pricing labels and barcodes. Unique and personalized touches matter when you are creating business packaging and more.

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